Create Our Sparkle


ARTIMELLE is an Asia-based sustainable diamond jewellery brand. Our name is inspired from the Greek goddess Artemis and the French word ‘elle’.
Artemis, daughter of Zeus and sister of Apollo in Greek mythology, has a confident and strong personality. She represents the spirit of having the ultimate control of own life and destiny. We build our diamond brand based on the key philosophy of women empowerment, independence and courage. We believe that every diamond’s growth process exemplifies the birth of an independent and unique personality.
‘Elle’ in ARTIMELLE means “she/her” in French. ARTIMELLE personifies the independence, tenacity and vitality of women. As part of our brand philosophy, we also aim to build a strong female community; empowering our members to support and complement one another.
Embrace your different personalities.
Take care of yourself, first and foremost.
Be positive. Be happy. Be strong.
Every sparkle comes from within.

Brand Vision

We are ARTIMELLE, an Asia-based sustainable diamond jewelry brand. Together, let’s create our sparkle and shine bright like a diamond!
Shine from our independent self.
Shine from our ongoing positivity.
Shine from our powerful connection.
The sparkle is not only from the diamond, but also from yourself. ARTIMELLE. Let’s create our sparkle!